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Map of markers for posts that is inserted in place of the shortcode [geopost] in any page or post.

In the admin page for your posts you can search for a location to assign to that post.

Geopost is a Google Maps plugin for Wordpress that let's you specify a location for each post and generate an embedded map containing a marker for each post that has been assigned a location. Clicking on these markers will link you to the corresponding post. The map can be inserted into any post or page using the shortcode [geopost]. To set the location for a post, enter a search string in the Geopost metabox in the post's admin page and press 'Search'. If a location is recognized, a map will appear for you to confirm the result. Clicking on the marker icon in the editor window map rotates through different color icons.

Shortcode options:

  • lat - initial center latitude of map
  • lng - initial center longitude of map
  • zoom - initial zoom level of map
  • width - width of map in pixels
  • height - height of map in pixels
  • hybrid - set this to '1' to display a hybrid mode map
  • terrain - set this to '1' to display a terrain mode map
  • roadmap - set this to '1' to display a roadmap mode map
  • subset - only display markers of a specific color (0-6)

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