Amazon Express

A high-power Wordpress plugin for blogs that link to Amazon products.

Top Features

Grid and List Formatting

Amazon Express will automatically generate grids or lists of the products that you enter into your Wordpress blog. Grids can have any number of columns, and lists include descriptive text from the corresponding post.

Product Detail Pages

You can associate an Amazon product to any posts in your Wordpress blog by entering the ISBN or Amazon ASIN into a box on the sidebar of the edit screen. The product image and links are automatically inserted, and the post contents can be used to create a customized product description.

Intelligent Filtering and Sorting

Assign a rating to each product so you can filter out low-ranking products on some pages, while still displaying all products on other pages. You can also sort the grids and listings by rating or by post date. There is also an option to group by category and subcategory.

Automatic Associate Tag Insertion

After the initial setup, your Amazon Associate Tag will be saved and automatically inserted into your links so that you can start generating advertising revenue quickly and easily. You'll never have to log into the Associates portal to get link codes anymore.

How to use Amazon Express

First, you have to add posts to your blog for Amazon products. Create a new post and insert an ISBN or ASIN in the Amazon Express box on the right hand side of the edit screen.

After you have added a few product posts, you can create a grid or listing by adding the amazonx shortcode to a new post or page. Just enter [amazonx] anywhere in the contents. Wordpress will replace this with a product listing of all the products that you added. There are many options that you can use to customize the listing. For example, to create a grid of at most 9 products with a rating of 3 or higher, you can use

[amazonx columns=3 minrating=3 limit=9]

The table below lists all the options you can use in the shortcode. The "#" sign can be any number. The values for show_categories, group_by_categories, and sort_by_rating can be set to 1 to turn them on, or 0 to turn them off.

category=#list items in category ID #
minrating=#exclude results with rating below #
maxrating=#exclude results with rating above #
show_categories=1show heading for each subcategory
group_by_category=1group items by subcategory
sort_by_rating=1sort results with highest rating first
columns=#display in a grid of rows with # items
columns=1display sequential list of items (default)
limit=#display at most # results per group

Installation and License


  1. Download Amazon Express here.
  2. Go to the "Add New" page in the "Plugins" menu on your Wordpress admin page.
  3. Click "Upload" in the menu on the top of the page and choose the downloaded zip file.


Amazon Express is free to download and use. However, 10% of links are selected at random each time the page loads and the associate tag is overridden with Rampant Logic's associate tag. Modifying this functionality or changing the source code in any way is prohibited.